ALBj.net is the personal web site of A. Lee Bennett Jr., serving as the home of my occasional blog posts and links to my social media activity, photos, and videos.

You’ll no longer see anything here pertaining to the former Bird Site. Thank you Phony Stark. My primary social media platform now is Mastodon. I dabble a tiny bit in Threads and Bluesky but not to any great significance.

Decentralized social media is all the rage now, and people are finally remembering that before social media was really a thing, we already had a great system of decentralized content—self-hosted blogs with Atom/RSS feeds. I know I’ve not posted too frequently here seeing as how the whole point of moving from SecondInitial was to de-emphasize blog posts and boost my social media presence. But I hope to write content here a little more often from now on. Whether you are just now discovering RSS feed readers or have used one for many years, you can follow my blog posts at albj.net/feed.

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