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I was diagnosing an issue where MarsEdit couldn’t interact with my new blog because of a server-level block on the xmlrpc file from outside sources. I found a recommendation to make an addition to my .htaccess file that should fix it. I’d been looking for instructions to simply rename the file and how to tell WordPress the new name, but came across the .htaccess addition instead. Of course, this blog post is to confirm all is now well. I’d appreciate if someone could tell me what the addition accomplishes and if it might be something my host won’t like because it seems to skirt around the filter block. If that’s the case, can you enlighten me on how to update my WordPress installation to look at a different filename instead of xmlrpc.php?

Here’s the addition I found for .htaccess:

<Files xmlrpc.php>
SecFilterInheritance Off

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