Want some floppy disks?

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I have old (and I mean OLD) software on Mac floppy that’s destined for the trash unless someone can recommend a good home.

  • Seven disks that comprise Aldus (yes Aldus, not Adobe) Pagemaker 5.0 with a serial number.
  • A complete set of install discs for Mac OS 7.0.1.
  • LaCie Silverlining version 5.5.3/20. There are two disks each for System 6 and System 7.
  • Old version of Suitcase…not certain of the version, but it’s circa 1991.
  • AutoDoubler, circa 1992.
  • Disks from a local computer shop back in early 90s that was offering free copies of System Update 3.0 (I’m assuming that was for System 7).

Can anyone fathom any possible interest in any of these?

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