I’m at Macworld 2009!

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As I type this entry, I’m sitting in the official media room for Macworld, located in Moscone South. Yes, that means that I was approved for a media registration and will be admitted to the keynote address tomorrow. I’m certainly bummed that it won’t be His Steveness delivering the address, but I’m predicting I’ll enjoy attending, all the same.

So far, I have only laid eyes on one Mac community personality that I recognized—Jason Snell, editorial director of Mac Publishing (they publish the US edition of Macworld magazine). I predict I’ll lay eyes upon many more over the next couple days and, with luck, meet a few of them.

Of course, as part of having acquired a media registration, I feel obliged to actually do some writing about the expo in the publication which supported my registration. Therefore, a report is scheduled in the February issue of ATPM.com authored by myself, Chris Turner, and Eric Blair.

Whether or not I post additional blog notes about the Macworld Expo is still a question mark, but there’ll definitely be frequent updates on my twitter stream, so be sure to keep track there if you want to follow what’s going on with my Macworld experience.

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