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My photo albums at have been running under the aging Gallery version 1 web engine for several years, and I’m very much ready to make a change. A few weeks ago, I purchased a new Mac Pro which will run the new web server, finally putting the 450MHz G4 Power Mac tower to pasture. The new server will run Gallery version 2. Some time back, I did some test conversions, importing one small album into a sample Gallery 2 installation, and I was never satisfied with how to get all my metadata over properly. There are a LOT more fields in which data can be filled with Gallery 2 and I was having trouble getting all my photo descriptions, comments, and ratings in the right place. During import, I have to specify which fields to match up between version 1 and version 2.

My query is whether anyone has had any experience doing this and might be able to lend a hand, if needed.

Either way, once I finally get it done, the old URL will eventually be phased out. But I’m not publishing the new URL until I get things working.

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