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That’s it. I’m disabling the ability for anyone to register for a user account on this blog.

I doubt this will concern anyone since there have been only two others besides myself to sign up for an account since I started this site last year. The purpose of doing so is to not have to fill in your personal information when posting comments. Logging in keeps that filled in for you.

However, there’s very little comment activity here, let alone the fact that even the blogging that occurs is sparse. And I’m getting sick of the upsurge in the past few weeks of spam systems signing up for user registrations. So bam! I turned them off.

This does not mean I’m unwilling to allow someone an account. If you’d like one, contact me and I’ll set it up for you.

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  1. You could always switch your comments to using one of the comment plugins that handle user registrations (i.e. I use Intense Debate on my WP blogs).

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