Seven-year blogging anniversary

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Today marks seven years since I posted my very first blog entry on Even though I used and phased out both that blog and, and I don’t frequently post here, the fact I still maintain a blog engine here at still validated the anniversary. And given how mobile I am these days with my online publishing tools, it’s fitting that I am posting this entry using the WordPress application for iPhone. Yet, as I’ve indicated before, the best ways to keep up with me are by using the links to other media I use, located along the left side of my (current) site template.


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  1. Bob says:

    Found an old blog requesting old Coulors CD’s. If you still have an interest, let me know.

    • Lee Bennett says:

      I’ve managed to collect a great many of them. Where I used to see albums I didn’t have pop up on eBay all the time, I probably only see one or two a year any more that I don’t have—if even that many. If there are some I’m missing, though, I’d be interesting in browsing what’s available.

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