Hey Subway—wanna make more money?

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Dear Subway restaurants: you sell a product that is 99.999999% profit. You take a few pennies worth of herb leaves and sugar, dump them into several gallons of hot water, and sell this elixir by the cup for a buck and a half a pop. And yet employees say they’re only allowed to make one batch per day, meaning your evening customers have no opportunity of getting ripped off…er, I mean, no opportunity of purchasing any.

I appreciate as much as anyone else the mentality of not being wasteful, but you’re being less green with all those plastic food service gloves you plow through during the day than by dumping out a portion of a batch of iced tea when you close at night!

2 Responses

  1. Lee Bennett says:

    So maybe it is just one particular store that is bone-headed. I was in another store today and asked about the tea. Turns out that prior to 4pm, the corporate instruction is to continue making it as needed. After 4pm, a store may, at their discretion, only make one additional batch, but are not restricted to only one batch. In any case, the store in question has *definitely* misunderstood the corporate instructions in thinking they can only make one batch PER DAY!

  2. mary says:

    Hey Subway, get rid of the plastic bags too. At least for non-take out.


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