Et tu, Blog?

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This blog thing is quite the intriguing beast. I look at the prolificacy of posts on my two prior blogs (D.T.P. by Lee and Second Initial) and, in some ways, kind of miss doing that. Yet I know I am not likely to have the spare time for that sort of thing, at least not for the next several years. Either that, or I’ve simply run out of steam for identifying fodder to blog about, not to mention that it’s far easier to simply post links on Twitter and Facebook than to compose a blog entry. Not that the physical act of composing an entry is difficult. There are now many more tools for doing so, including using my iPhone as I did for the prior post, and my iPad as I am doing for this post. WordPress’ application for managing a blog works extremely well.

I do want to utilize is blog space more often—so it’s now up to me to get back to keeping a more open mind about the kinds of things I want to write about.

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