I Dreamed a Dream

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I don’t commonly have dreams that are vivid enough for me to remember when I wake up, so I’m thinking from now on, when I do remember them, I want to describe them for future giggles.

I’m entering Disney’s Magic Kingdom park, except it’s different. For some reason, the entire front section (Main Street USA and its outskirts) is not there. Instead, there’s just a large, open, outdoor area, and it’s all smoothly paved with blacktop. The summer sun beating down on the blacktop is making it almost unbearably hot. The rest of the park is visible up ahead.

People are scattered around walking in random directions toward different parts of the park, and in a few places within the open, paved area of the missing Main Street are vendor tents. I walk inside one to cool off for a moment and notice that this particular tent has those jars of Bama swirled peanut butter and jelly for sale. (At Disney!!??)

I then realize there’s something inside the Bama jars that can make them light up, causing the jelly to glow, but only the jelly—because jelly is translucent and peanut butter is not, duh! The reason for this technological gimmick completely escapes me.

The last part of the dream I can remember is discovering that my car’s remote lock fob turns the lights in all the jars on and off. After messing around with the employees in that tent and causing minor panic attacks as to what’s going on, I eventually ’fess up, we all have a big laugh, and I continue on toward Tomorrowland.

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