Meg has me pegged

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Some time last year, my wife’s two daughters observed me retrieving a can of walnuts from a kitchen shelf. About 15-20 minutes later, I was presented with a piece of paper with drawings by the eldest. The drawings depicted me taking the can and eating some of the contents. I was branded as a walnut stealer, aka stealer of walnuts.

Not long afterward, Halloween time, the girls decided to add on to my title, branding me the stealer of candy corn.

Jump forward to today, and I’m pretty much the stealer of everything. Makes no difference I’m the one who bought the alleged stolen items from the grocery store, I’m the XYZ stealer.

Naturally, I attempt to have fun with it by branding them as the stealer of whatever it is they’re eating—an action that is always met with the response that they didn’t steal it because it was either given to them or mommy said they could have it. It’s one of those games kids will always win.

Well, Meg got me especially good tonight as I was trying to brand her as stealer of the play-dough she was using. She claimed she couldn’t possibly steal it because it was hers. I inquired how she knew it was only hers? Who’s to say I didn’t play with it after she went to sleep.

Her response: you don’t use the play-dough after I go to bed. You watch TV!

Guilty as charged.

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