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I realized something this week. The frequency at which I composed blog entries reduced rather significantly when I bought my first iPhone, and it reduced even more dramatically when I bought my iPad. The only reasons I can fathom is that social media became such a huge part of my online activity, I felt satisfied sharing most of my thoughts in those venues. And while I’m generally quite contempt typing on an iPad on-screen keyboard, composing something lengthy using the virtual keyboard still isn’t the most pleasant of notions.

But this week, I acquired a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard. I’m using it right this moment to compose this blog entry, and I find myself contemplating if the diminished use of traditional computers for personal activity in favor of my iOS devices is the reason I don’t compose blog entries more often. Of course, it’s entirely possible I don’t have a lot to say in the context of a blog.

Nevertheless, now that the virtual keyboard is no longer a deterrent for lengthy typing with my iPad, maybe this space will stop languishing and see some activity a bit more often.

There have been a few occasions where friends have suggested I should write something about a particular topic. Sometimes I got around to it, and sometimes I didn’t. The times I did, you’ll find blog posts here on those topics, e.g. Facebook privacy, an Illustrator tutorial, whether or not I want to upgrade to the iPhone 5, QR codes, etc.

So, if you have a topic in mind you think I should write about, please do share, either by comment to the entry or by way of any of the social media venues linked in the left column of my web site. I do have interest in writing more often, so feel free to speak up.

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