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This past weekend, I attended the 60th anniversary reunion for staff who have worked at Camp Kulaqua in High Springs (I worked one summer in 1989). With the help of my wife, I was more or less designated the official photographer.

In the process of occasionally using some photos taken with my office’s Nikon D90 and posting them to our social media feeds, I realized something quite extraordinary that could potentially influence the type of photos I’ve posted to my Flickr feed of late. My discovery was that the workflow to get a photo off the D90 and into my iPad using Apple’s Camera Connection Kit is quite ridiculously simple. In fact, it’s just as simple as moving photos taken with my iPhone into a Shared Album to be accessible on my iPad.

Turns out, probably more than 95% of the photos I take with my phone go through my iPad for editing before being uploaded to Flickr. Since virtually everyone will agree that photos taken from a DSLR will nearly always be better quality than those from a mobile phone—even the improved camera in the iPhone 5s which I will have in my possession next week—I’ve decided to make an effort to have the DSLR with me more often. If I’m going to transfer images to the iPad anyway, it really doesn’t matter if I took them with my phone or with a DSLR camera.

I know the mantra, “The best camera you can use is the one you are carrying right now.” So clearly I’m not going to stop taking pictures with my phone. I’m just stating my intent to let a DSLR be the camera I am “carrying right now” more frequently.

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