Mophie Juice Pack Plus seeks home

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Having upgraded to an iPhone 6s and selling my 5s to Gazelle, I have a two-year-old (Product)RED-colored Mophie Juice Pack Plus that I no longer need.

Fair disclosure—there’s a fair bit of cosmetic wear on the case, particularly parts of the rubber ring that have worn away. But the case is still very usable and the battery is in great condition.

There are several extras to go along with it. The whole batch is as follows (with original/new sale price):

  • Juice Pack Plus (Product)RED for iPhone 5 or 5s: $120
  • Juice Pack charging dock: $50
  • Four micro-USB charge cables: $5 x4 = $20

My initial thought was perhaps to ask $70 for all this (the new price of the dock and cables, and it’s like getting the case for free). But at this point I’d pretty well accept the best offer I get.

Here are some photos of the items.

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