2020—your absence is required

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I have absolutely no issue admitting the primary reason for this post is so that 2020 doesn’t go by without at least one update.

You know what, I had rambled several paragraphs here contrasting the bad things of this year with the good. And I ended up just deleting it for being kind of pointless.

I touched on Covid and my being essentially unscathed thus far; the social unrest in America and my privilege of having never really directly experienced it; my cancelled 10th anniversary cruise which would have been my first ever cruise (may not ever feel safe doing one now), though I did eventually get 100% refunded; and even silly little lunacies like receiving HOA approval on a color scheme to paint my house (paid for with the refunded cruise money) only to receive a letter after painting to change it to the approved color (which I’ll be fighting, and they will lose). I was also going to touch on the reality that my job has never seemed to be in jeopardy and that my office is coping fairly well in spite of even still only being open to limited employees and contractors/deliveries. And lastly, I am thinking about the Covid vaccinations that have just started distribution, as well as today’s successful Electoral College vote affirming Biden’s impending administration.

So, prayerfully, we are climbing our way out of the gloom. Before much longer, the colloquialism that “hindsight is 20/20” will take on a radical new meaning.

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