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Home is the personal web site of A. Lee Bennett Jr., serving as the home of my occasional blog posts and links to my social media activity, photos, and videos.  Whereas Twitter used to be the primary destination of my social activity, we have Phony Stark (aka Elon Musk) to thank for destroying that. There used to be a widget on this page showing my latest tweets, but a combination of my decision to make my account private to put a stop to the massive amount of @-reply, Like, and Retweet spam, as well as the news today that it appears you can no longer see tweets unless you are signed in to an account—well, I’ll just say I’m losing zero sleep over eradicating that widget from this page.

I’m now finding more and more friends on Mastodon instead, and I still regularly post photos to my Flickr feed. Previews of both are below. I’m also just starting to look into Bluesky.

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Mastodon Feed
more active here now than Twitter

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