Category: You Dolt

A category just for venting about those people who need to be removed from the gene pool.


Content conundrum

There are some communication venues where certain kinds of information patently do not belong.


Printed QR codes vs. digital QR codes

Many who know me are fully aware of my disdain of QR codes. Yes, I can think of at least one use for them: embedding a lot of contact information into one, printed on...


Companion Language

I’ll say right up front that I have an inclination to be politically correct in my actions and speech. I think it’s important to be sensitive to other people’s feelings and experiences. But I’ll...


AppZapper seems devious to me

Sometimes, you really just need to bite the bullet and admit the truth. Unfortunately, AppZapper isn’t going to do that. For many years, my practice has been to create a unique e-mail alias for...


A soapbox moment about text messaging

I’m having a bit of cognitive dissonances about text messaging. I’m not adding anything the debate which has already been dragged through the coals. Just hammering out some thoughts, and ultimately explaining the facts...