This page isn’t so much a list of recommended links—more like a list of links to people I have interacted with professionally or found their sites useful to me at some point in the past. Some of these sites haven’t been updated in many years, but as long as the site still works, I’ll keep the link. In other cases, I’ve updated the link to a new site maintained by the person. Over time, this list may gradually begin getting smaller as various people stop maintaining personal web sites altogether in favor of social media accounts (links to which I will not be indexing here).


Former Staff of ATPM

Other Sites

  • Brand New |
  • Florida Prison Ministries |
    (I built and manage this site for the department at the office where I work.)
  • Forest Lake Academy Class of 1988 |
    (I took over administrating our class alumni site after completely overhauling the ancient hand-coded site to a WordPress engine.)

My Brother’s Old Blogs